Halloween Shoot

Join us on the 30th of October for a fun shoot celebrating All Hallow’s Eve – or better known as Halloween – where you can shoot pumpkins, bats, zombies and… complete Penelope’s Challenge!

We’ll start in the morning, registration starts at 10am.


  • AGB’s Rules of Shooting applies 
  • On this specific competition we’ll use only 3 bow categories: Recurve, Barebow, Longbow. Any bow types not fitting these will be incorporated into one of them. Compounds aren’t allowed as they may cause trouble with one of the targets.
    For example if you turn up with a horse bow, we’ll have you down as Longbow because that’s the best fit.
  • The distances will vary between 8 and 18 metres.
  • Unless otherwise stated, the scoring system is mostly metric. Some targets will have special systems, these will be marked.
  • We’ll shoot 3 arrows per target, 6 targets per end and 2 ends for the full round. That’s 36 arrows in total. 🙂
  • If there’s more than 10 archers signed up for this fun shoot, we will shoot in details.
  • Archers will be split up into groups, each group starting on a certain target. If there’s more than 2 people in the group they shall shoot in details. Shooting in details means they shall shoot three arrows and immediately retire, being replaced by the archer from the subsequent detail from their group.
  • There will be no medals this time but we’ll pat you on the shoulder.
  • Seniors are archers who marked their 18th birthday this year or earlier. Juniors are who are yet to pass their 18th birthday.

The shooting positions may differ from how you usually shoot. Some of them will require you to be on half-knee. If that’s a problem please let us know ahead.